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In the last years, over the business cycles, the financial industry has experienced a steady and solid growth. Notwithstanding all criticism, often motivated by actual malpractices and abuses, the financial industry has contributed to the creation of enormous amounts of wealth all over the world.

Our societies do not need “less finance”, but better finance!

International companies and banks are always asking for qualified mathematicians and engineers with a strong preparation in finance, risk analysis, financial mathematics and computational methods. Qualified experts, able to combine competence and integrity.

Quantitative financial specialists, with a strong analytical background, are more than ever necessary to drive financial innovation forward, avoiding the mistakes that led to the last economic crises. There is a very strong demand for new approaches in risk assessment, in financial products pricing and hedging, in portfolio management, in model validation and calibration. Many fascinating challenges are available for those willing to take them.

Are you ready?!

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