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Why TU Delft?Financial Engineering Specialisation

Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary discipline embracing financial theory, engineering, numerical methods, probability and statistics. This multidisciplinarity has always been one of the the trademarks of TU Delft, since its foundation.

TU Delft is a top international university, one of the leading technical universities in the world. It is the only Dutch university offering a similar program, and one of the few in Europe.

Given its history and competencies, TU Delft is the right place for those willing to become the quants and the financial experts of tomorrow, capable of combining theory and practice.

The Financial Engineering Specialisation can already rely on an extensive network of collaborations with major banks and financial institutions, in the Netherlands and abroad, thanks to the long-standing cooperation of TU Delft professors and researchers with the financial industry; individually and through the Minor Finance (in Dutch), one of the most successful minors of TU Delft.

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